Guitar Decal Manufacturing

We are able to produce guitar decals in small and large quantities for commercial guitar manufactures and guitar companies.

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Guitar Decal Manufacturers

Our self adhesive guitar stickers are made from the highest quality materials available.

Our stickers are designed exclusively for the use on guitars and guitar cases. They use a medium strength adhesive which means they can be removed easily without leaving sticky residue.

We believe our guitar stickers are the best on the market, offering bespoke designs, high quality products at a fair price.

Self adhesive guitar, bass guitar and guitar case stickers

Precission Guitar Decal Priting

High quality self adhesive guitar and guitar case stickers
  1. Our guitar stickers are created by graphic designers and digital artists especially for Six String Stickers and for the use on guitars and guitar cases
  2. Our stickers are designed and manufactured in the UK, using the latest print techniques and materials.
  3. The artwork for our stickers is produced as a hi-resolution file, using CMYK colour values. This means our stickers have vibrant colours and show a high level of detail.
  4. Our stickers repel grease, moisture and can help protect your guitar from scratches and dings
  5. Our guitar stickers are easy to apply, remove, do not tear or rip and do not leave sticky residue.

Intense Colours and Modern Inks

Using our modern commercial printers and epoxy resin inks, we are able to print:

  • Solid Black
  • Dense White
  • Intense Colours
  • Spot Colours
  • Pantone Colours
  • Metallic Silver and Gold
  • Semi Opaque Colours
  • Custom Colours at your request

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